Upping the RAM on the Eee PC 900. No Change.

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For the most part, I've been very content with the way the Xandros Eee PC 900 runs on the original specs. But I figured it wouldn't hurt to upgrade the 1GB of memory to 2GB. The Eee PC, like its 701 predecessor, has only one DIMM slot, so if your system comes with less than 2GB and you want to upgrade, you’ll need to throw out the factory-installed RAM. The RAM replacement process is pretty painless, at least compared with that of the HP Mini-Note. However, I will confess it took me a long time to find the second screw to take off the back of the system. For some odd reason, ASUS decided to put an Eee PC sticker over the second screw on the back. Why? Most likely to make me feel like an idiot. Nevertheless, I was easily able to slip in a stick of Corsair-branded DDR2 SO-DIMM memory.

Upon booting, the Eee PC 900 immediately recognized the upgrade. So, what has the 2GB increase done? Well, to be honest, not much. Boot time remains the same at 25 seconds, give or take. Skype performance isn’t drastically different; video is still clear and you can run other applications in the background. I have noticed a slight difference in multitasking. With 1GB, the system was a bit slow to launch programs when others were running the background. For example, OpenOffice Writer used to take 20 seconds to launch while Firefox and other programs were running. Now it opens in less than 10 seconds, with Firefox and the Music Manager open. However, iTunes still isn't running any better and multitasking causes music to skip frequently. The 2GB of memory doesn't result in any drastic differences on the Xandros Eee PC, but I'll assume running XP with more RAM would prove more beneficial.
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  • Doc Rings Says:

    I have a 900HD and tried two different 2GB sticks of new, known good memory(667mHz), and I just get a black screen upon bootup. The old 1GB 667mHz stick works fine when I place it back into the machine.

    Model: EPC-900HDB-RED001X

  • Soy Says:

    I almost know for sure no one is going to read this but still.

    I have an EEE pc 900 with XP with who knows how many MBs of ram. My main problem is my C: disk which keeps running full, whereas me D: disk has almost 8GBs, most of it unused. I've tried a lot of things like cleaning up, but I've cleaned this thing up so many times I don't have any of the original programs left and I can hardly use it for anything I really need it for. How can I create more space for programs? I'm not that much of a techie or a nerd, so slow explanation would he highly appreciated.

  • Ben Says:

    I am planning to go for more memory. Mandriva 2009 works fine, but occasionally irritatingly slow. Any tips of brands/types I should prefer, or avoid?

  • Brian Says:

    Actually on an SSD turning on a swap file will hurt your performance, the write speeds on these machines are very low. Best bet is put as much memory as you can in and turn off the swap file!

  • diwndle Says:

    If you do not have exactly the right ram, it won't work right or not at all. And yes, once you have a solid 1gb (or better yet 2) just dump your swap altogether. Swap space is too slow and inefficient for a tiny computer you're not running hard programs on.

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  • Ronnie Says:

    Insead of using swap space, you can actually edit the /etc/fstab file, and use the ram for swap. This will also increase the life of your drive. There are several guides for it, give it a google! =)

  • Pete Says:

    Exactly, Dan. "2x RAM for swap" went out with the 1990s. I'm a Solaris sysadmin and work in all flavors of Unix too and have been working without doing it that way for years.

  • Dan Says:

    While in a normal configuration swap is usually used, the shear amount of ram available versus drive space is almost 1:1-1:2.
    Xandros comes stock with no swap. Mine came with 512mb and usually runs about 300mb or so with firefox and an another app or two open.
    The whole 2x your swap space rule isn't really followed in the real world anymore though. Usually for a desktop nowadays you have 1-2gb ram so 512mb to 1gb is enough to last you. I have 2gb on my machine and I run a couple of virtualizers, firefox, a couple of xterms, and whatever else a guy will have open on his X display. (with kde)

    Of course.. when it comes to a normal IDE or SATA desktop, 1gb is cheap and you can toss 10gb into swap without a worry... what the hey :)

  • Michael Kelly Says:

    Hey There I have a EEE PC 900 and it came with XP Home and 512m RAM. I of course formatted it immediately and put on Ubuntu EEE which is fantastic. I use it for basic email with Thunderbird, Web with Firefox and run LAMP Server to develop websites on the go. It all works great, but I do notice when I ALT-TAB between Gedit and Firefox it can get really laggy, and When typing an email, the type can lag. Do you think more ram would help this? And if so where should I get the RAM? Money isn't really an issue, but quality is. I hear horror stories about dead RAM in these things. Thanks! I love the thing, just want it to be a little less laggy multitasking.

  • Alec Says:

    i believe that xandros on the eee doesnt support ram over 1 gb. i have an eee 900, with ubuntu 8.10 intrepid, works great, takes a little doing to get wireless working, but runs great and would support 2gb ram if installed.

  • RHCT Says:

    If you haven't noticed much performance increase in Linux after adding replacing the 512 MB with 2 GB of RAM, it's probably because you didn't reconfigure your swap space. Swap should be twice the size of physical memory. When the machine shipped, the swap partition was probably set to 1 GB. Since you added memory, a swap file should be added to equal double the newly installed total RAM.

  • Says:

    If you haven't noticed much performance increase in Linux after adding replacing the 512 MB with 2 GB of RAM, it's probably because you didn't reconfigure your swap space. Swap should be twice the size of physical memory. When the machine shipped, the swap partition was probably set to 1 GB. Since you added memory, a swap file should be added to equal double the newly installed total RAM.

  • Matt Says:

    I'm almost not surprised. After a certain amount of RAM, more fails to make a drastic improvement. It's only going to make a difference if you're running a monstrous program like WoW, etc. Have you tried checking your RAM usage in the task manager to see if it changes?

  • Oskar Says:

    i was thinking how much ram can you put in to it?
    is it like standard 4 gb? or less

    thanks for the reply

  • yuar Says:

    where's the rest of this eee pc 900 diary? it's now June 25th, say, is this entry (upping the RAM..) the last of the pack?
    tsk tsk tsk too bad...

  • John Says:

    I heard that Xandros can't detect the 2GB RAM on eee 900.

  • rkr Says:

    I see that there are reports of no performance increase...well...the speed of the RAM will provide some increase, but, this is not the place to look for the increase.

    If you had one of the early EEE PC's and loaded windows, then you know that windows sucks up way to much resources. AND windows loves to write to a swap file...with 2GB of RAM, you can turn off the swap file with two benefits...1. you free up the 1 or 2gb of reserved space that the swap file had set aside and 2. windows does all of its work on the RAM chips and doesn't burn out the solidstate drive which some say have a limited life span.

    Yes there is a remote chance that you will use up all of the 2GB of RAM...if you do, reboot and all is well again. If you use the EEE PC in a limited mode...EMail, Internet Surfing and minor work in Office, then you will rarely ever see "Low system memory".

  • kd Says:

    okay i just saw you already have an article about it.
    my bad...

  • kd Says:

    please explain to me, how are you running itunes with xandros? are you using wine?

    that would be a great article to step eee pc 900 people through, how to install itunes on your eee pc box.

    because i have an ipod and the only interface i have currently is amarok.

    obviously you're not going to be buying any mp3s with that application.

  • Joe Says:

    I am unsure if anyone has suggested this but its worth a try.... go back to the 1gig stick and see if it "unfreezes" your machine

  • wd4nzx Says:

    My experience with the Eee PC 900 was not so good. I have tried two different manufacturers of SO-DIM DDRII memory and in each case when you try to re-start the machine it just sits ther, dark screen and ALL indicator lights on. The same 2 memory modules work flawlessly in my older Eee PC 701. Now I'm starting to wonder if they changed something on the production machines, mine was delivered after May 12th. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Mark Smith Says:

    Did you upgrade from to 667Mhz?
    Would an 800Mhz RAM module work?

  • PC Says:

    The sticker hiding the screw was probably intended to act like the old "void if removed" stickers, meaning if you upgraded your upgradeable machine yourself, you probably voided some manufacturer's warranty.

    I always thought it was stupid to advertise a machine as "user-upgradeable" then limit that ability in the warranty or Terms of Service.

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