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Truvolo Connected Car Platform Looks to Make Your Vehicle Smarter


Whoever said you can't teach an old car new tricks never told San Jose-based Truvolo. The company just launched an Indiegogo campaign to bring a connected car device to market that not only monitors your vehicle's health, but provides parents with information such as if young drivers are being safe behind the wheel. The eponymously named device, Truvolo Drive, slots into your vehicle's data port and connects to your smartphone or tablet via an app that receives continuous alerts on your car's status.

Using Truvolo, drivers can view where they've driven on a certain day, how long it took to get to each stop and the car's level of fuel efficiency. Beyond how much gas you're burning, Truvolo can also tell what's happening under the hood of your car, including why your check engine light is on and what it means. It can even help you locate a nearby mechanic if your vehicle has broken down.

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If you've got first-time drivers in your house, Truvolo can also ensure your teens stay under the speed limit, by sending you an alert any time your vehicle goes above a set maximum speed. In the future, the company says Truvolo will also be able to block a driver's ability to send texts while behind the wheel.

Truvolo isn't the first device to connect your car and smartphone. Automatic Link offers many of the same services as Truvolo, though Automatic can also determine if your car's been in an accident and automatically report it to authorities, as well as send a message to your friends and family to let them know what happened and that you're ok.