Wild TrewGrip Redefines the Mobile Keyboard

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Mobile typists usually have to settle for touch keyboards or small plastic add-ons, but the folks behind TrewGrip are looking to change that. The TrewGrip literally flips the lid on traditional keyboard design by placing all of the letter keys on the rear, allowing users to type on a mobile device, PC, or smart device while maintaining a comfortable grip. We spent a few minutes re-learning how to type on this wireless Bluetooth device, and saw some serious potential.

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The TrewGrip has a distinct U-shaped design with soft-grips on either end and a micro-suction panel in the middle that help keep your smartphone or tablet in place. The back of the device hosts its full QWERTY keyboard, which is split among the left and right side based on which keys are typically accessed with either hand.

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The front of the keyboard displays the TrewGrip's button layout, and each icon lights up when you hit the corresponding key. You'll also find Enter, Space and Backspace, and navigation and arrow keys on the face. The TrewGrip sports an accelerometer for moving the mouse cursor around on PCs. 

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We tested TrewGrip on a PC display using the company's proprietary typing test, which TrewGrip says will get you comfortable with the gadget in about 8 hours. After getting comfortable with pressing keys on the rear and using the top-right space bar button, we were surprised with how intuitive typing on TrewGrip became. The LED key indicators on the front of the device are efficient at helping you find the right letters, and the keys themselves provide nice feedback. 

TrewGrip's developers say that the device will have a myriad of use cases, from doctors looking for a quick data entry tool to casual users who want a comfortable way to type on their Smart TV while lounging on the couch.

It'll likely be some time before we're proficient with a TrewGrip, but watching the keyboard's developer in action proved that you can use the device to type at an impressively fast clip. We look forward to spending more time with this very unqiue accessory and giving it our full review treatment.

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