Top 10 Tech Fails of 2012

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A lot of good things happened in tech this year.  The iPhone 5 premiered with 4G and a feather-light design. Google released its Nexus 7 tablet to go head-to-head with the Amazon Kindle Fire, and equipped it with Jelly Bean. Samsung delivered a powerful one-two punch with the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II. And we saw a fair number of Ultrabooks that gave the MacBook Air a run for its money.

But where there's good, there's bad. And there were plenty of major fails this year. Read on for the 10 biggest tech flops of the year.

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Molly Klinefelter, LAPTOP Assistant Editor
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  • Princess Says:

    LOL, an orb for the Google Nexus Q. That should have been stopped as soon as someone said "orb." Poor Blackberry can't really do anything right, what happened to them, really do like the phones &amp; hope that 2013 will be better for them. Why in the world would Asus put USB ports in the back of the laptop, good concept just bad execution. The shared plans are ridiculous, thank goodness they still have single plans. Dell is one of the worst computer makes ever and their support is not any better. Never did get any help with my Dell computer when I was trying to back-up the system. Never did figure out what the problem was and just gave up, will never purchase another Dell computer again.

  • Phil T Says:

    I think the Asus thing is hilarious. The shared data plan is criminal. And Blackberry is in serious trouble.

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