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TomTom Launches Non-Nike GPS Sports Watches

GPS maker TomTom is throwing off the Nike shackles of wearable tech. On Wednesday, the company announced two new fitness-focused wristwatches — one designed specifically for runners and another waterproof version fit for all types of physical activity. TomTom's also makes the Nike+ Sportswatch with GPS, but neither of the new models indicate any relationship with the sportswear company. 

Both new TomTom watches come with features such as indoor and outdoor tracking, which monitors your run whether you’re on a treadmill at the gym or jogging in the park. The TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport come with “multi-platform” compatibility for syncing and analyzing your stats, although TomTom hasn’t mentioned whether this will be specific to desktop or mobile.

The TomTom Runner seems to be a stripped-down version of the Multi-Sport, but comes with runner-specific features such as sending vibrations to alert you of your progress. The Multi-Sport watch features a dedicated bike mount for cyclists and a built-in swim sensor that measures your distance, speed, laps and strokes.

TomTom has also placed an emphasis on location-based features by integrating its QuickGPSFix technology into both watches, which tracks your precise location according to the GLONASS satellite network. Like most fitness watches, the Runner and Multi-Sport are Bluetooth capable and come with a built-in heart rate monitor.

The GPS maker has yet to announce availability or pricing for either device, but it’s entering a competitive genre where devices such as Jawbone’s Up and the Fitbit seem to dominate the market. However, the Multi-Sport and Runner do seem to be more feature-rich than some competitors such as the $199 Mio Alpha, which simply measures your heart rate and the length of your workout.