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Tesla Announces All-Electric Model X with Wing-Style Doors, Touchscreen Console

If you're going to make an all-electric car, why not give it a wicked-modern design to go with that forward-thinking fuel approach? That at least seems to be Tesla Motors' modus operandi with its just-unveiled Model X crossover. In addition to its eco-friendly pedigree, the X rocks wing-style doors, which Tesla calls Falcon Wings.

Back to the Future-style doors aren't the only high-tech features this car has in its favor. The center console has a huge display for the car's infotainment system and climate controls.

Tesla says the Model X will start around $50k, though TechCrunch estimates that the fully configured model (largest battery pack and all) will top off at about $90k. Production is set to start in 2013, with models hitting the market the following year, but you can reserve an X of your own now.

via TechCrunch