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SuperTooth Freedom Hands-on: 15-Hour Battery, Sweet $149 Price

SuperTooth hopes to take Bluetooth stereo headphones to the masses this June with its Freedom headphones. These $149 cans don't feel cheap, however. In fact, you get a lot of features found in higher-end headphones for less, including NFC for easy pairing and integrated mic for making calls and built-in touch controls.

Here at CTIA 2013 we stopped by the Supertooth booth to try the Freedom's for ourselves, and we like what we saw--and heard.

The Supertooth Freedom's are fairly sleek, offering a choice of three colors. We're partial to the black version with blue on the interior but you can also get the headphones in glossy white or black with gray interior.

The right earcup includes a button towards the bottom for Play/Pause and accepting calls. Double pressing the button, which depresses slightly, skips to the next track. You'll also find a narrow volume rocker on the inside of the right cup next to the power button. This was a bit more difficult to find by feel, but we got the hang of it quickly.

To try out the NFC pairing feature, we simply placed a Galaxy S4 next to the Freedom's and the two devices were paired. However, we had to dig into settings to connect the phone to start streaming music. When we played Coldplay's "Paradise," the audio sounded rich and full. 

The best part of the Freedom's is its rated 15 hours of battery life. A company rep told us that SuperTooth was seeing up to 20 hours of endurance in its tests. And if you do run out of juice, the SuperTooth Freedom comes with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Overall, the SuperTooth Freedom looks like a good value for those looking to rock out in comfort all day long. Stay tuned for a full review.