Study: Students Active On Facebook Are Less Likely to Drop Out

Most people would probably assume that college students who are addicted to wall posting and constantly adding friends on Facebook tend to end up getting too distracted and lose track of their studies. Surprisingly, a recent study led by Abilene Christian University says otherwise.

Out of the 375 first-year freshmen that participated in the study, most of the students that returned for a second year of college were significantly more active on Facebook than the ones that did not.  Most of the researchers at Abilene proposed that this means Facebook mirrors real life social interaction instead of completely replacing it. The researchers also claim that students who are active facebook users show enthusiasm for their college environment.

While we do believe this student brings up some fascinating tidbits of information, we'd be curious to see what the results would be with a larger sample size.  We're not convinced that every Facebook-obsessed student is in love with academics just yet.

Via Wired