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Could the Smarty Ring Beat the Smartwatch?

The wearable tech revolution has only just begun, but we're already seeing an even more innovative form factor than a watch for smart devices in the new Smarty Ring. As its name implies, the device is a smart ring, and just like its wrist-worn brethren, the LED-equipped Smarty Ring lets you connect to and control your iPhone or Android device over Bluetooth.

The ring is currently being funded through Indiegogo, but you'll have to hurry if you want to plunk down your cash for early access to the device, as the campaign closes Wednesday, December 11. Donations of $175 get you an Early Bird version of the Smarty Ring. The ring lets users can check the time, see if they're receiving an incoming call, or making an outgoing one; as well as get text, chat and social media notifications, not mention check the time and your phone's battery status.

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A remote control next to the ring's LED display lets you accept or reject incoming calls, make calls to preset numbers, activate your phone's camera app, control music and change your user profile. Made from waterproof, surgical quality stainless steel, the Smarty Ring is designed for use by both men and women.

According to the product's Indiegogo page, the Smarty Ring will also run for an impressive 24 hours before its battery calls it quits. An available wireless charger ensures the Smarty Ring is free of any unnecessary connectors that could ruin its sleek looks.

The Smarty Ring could be the first of many smart rings to come, and we're excited to get our fingers on one. Check out the company's pitch video for more info on this high-tech piece of jewelry.