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Sleep Texting is Real And It's Bad For You

Move over, butt dialing. There's a new body-part-meets-tech in town, and it's even more creepy. CBS 2 reported that some of us are reaching for our phones in our sleep and sending nonsensical text messages to our confused contacts.

Apart from being difficult to explain in the morning, experts that CBS 2 interviewed said the phenomenon could have a serious impact on the health of sleep texters. They end up not getting enough restorative REM sleep that is important for higher level brain functions. 

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US News reported earlier this month that the phenomenon is becoming more prevalent among young adults. A study by nursing professor at Philadelphia's Villanova University Elizabeth Dowdell found that some 25 to 30 percent of 300 students surveyed had sent text messages while they were asleep. Some of them have taken measures to prevent themselves from texting in their sleep. Dowdell said a premed student had taken to wearing mittens to keep her fingers from hitting the buttons. 

Experts who spoke to CBS 2 suggest keeping your phone further away from your bed before going to sleep to avoid the pitfalls of sleep texting and get a good night's rest. But there's at least one upside to this. Now there's one more pseudo logical explanation for the next time you accidentally-on-purpose text your crush in the middle of the night. We can see it now, "Sorry, I was sleep texting. I didn't mean to say 'Grbxj I like you kikae3l.'"