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Scosche Announces New Headphones and Mobile Chargers

LAS VEGAS--Scosche might just be music to your ears, thanks to the addition of three premium headphones to its REALM line, announced at CES 2012. The REALM IDR676md in-ear headphones features an integrated bass contour switch, a first for Scosche. The switch allows listeners to customize the lower frequencies on a track. The company claims that the headphones' 11mm drivers will give listeners clear crisp audio with powerful bass. The 1DR676mds will also come with several different sized dual flanged silicon inserts, ensuring a comfortable fit and increased noise isolation.

In terms of over-ear headphones, Scosche is releasing the RH656mds and a pair of yet-to-be-named Bluetooth headphones. Both sets of headphones have 40mm drivers with copper voice coils and neodymium magnets for accurate audio reproduction. Each model should fit snugly on the ears due to the genuine leather ear cups with memory foam. The Bluetooth headphones have a range of 33 feet as well as integrated controls (play, skip, pause and volume) that allow listeners to control the music directly from the headphones. All of Scosche's new headphones will work with tuneQ, a free iOS-exclusive app that lets listeners adjust the equalizer.

And just in case you need to charge your music device on the go, Scosche has also announced five new portable chargers. Each charger is compatible with the free reVIVE app, which gives a graphical representation of how much time users have before their device runs out of power. It also displays how long it will take to recharge. 

Both the reVOLT h2 and reVOLT c2 are packing dual USB chargers. In another first, the C2 is the first shotgun shell-sized charger to house two USB chargers. Scosche claims that either charger carries enough juice to recharge two tablets either at home or on the go. The 2.1A reCOIL II has a retractable 3 foot long, 30 pin cable that can charge any iDevice. The cable  magnetically locks, ensuring against unsightly clutter.

The reviveLITE III is the latest generation of the reviveLITE docking charger/LED nightlight for iPod and iPhone. The reviveLITE III has all the bells and whistle of previous models and adds a side USB charger. The final addition to the Scosche's CES debut is the microUSB version of the flipCharge burst battery backup and charger. The charger provides an emergency boost of energy to dying phones, able to boost most Android phones to above 30% of power.

No word on pricing and availabilty for any of the products, but we'll keep you posted on any and all new developments.