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New Rosewill Gaming Mice Offer Configurability on a Budget

Rosewill's mechanical keyboards have a strong reputation, but thus far the accessory-maker has released only a handful of gaming mice. That's about to change as the company showed off two upcoming budget-minded, customizable gaming mice at its Computex 2013 booth.

Built for a palm grip, the Rosewill RM-9000 has a pleasant soft-touch finish that was gray on the demo model we touched, but will be black on the final version. It sports two programmable buttons on its left side, a set of removable weights in the base and an accurate Avago red laser. A button on the top of the wired mouse switches DPI levels allowing you to adjust the speed of your pointer from 400 up to 3,200 DPI. A second button toggles between three programmable profiles which control what the buttons do and lights up in different colors to show which one you're on.

The Rosewill RM-9100 is designed for more of a claw grip and uses a different type of laser that's completely invisible but also employes an Avago sensor. The device also has a quick DPI switch, but provides a wider range than its brother, ranging from 800 to 8,200 DPI. It's also programmable via software.

Both the Rosewill RM-9100 and RM-9000 will be available in time for the holidays with prices in the $50 range, a fairly reasonable price in a world where users pay over $100 for some competitors.