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Report: Wearable Curved-Glass iPod on the Way

Wearable tech? Let's just say it's not for everyone. While having Android apps on hand (er, on wrist) is awesome, devices like the Wimm Watch probably won't cut it for fashion-conscious technophiles.

Apple and Google could change all that, as The New York Times reports that both companies are developing wearable peripherals meant to interact with smartphones. Apple is said to be working on a "curved-glass iPod that would wrap around the wrist" and let users interact with the device via Siri. Google's X Lab is apparently bent on the same goal, with concepts for devices that attach to a user's body or clothing and communicate with his or her Android phone.

In some ways, these wearable tech projects are a natural progression in product development, as Apple already sells watchbands to go with its iPod nano, and Motorola recently released the Android-powered MotoACTV fitness watch. Given Apple's reputation for ultra-modern design, going from wearing gadgets to work out to donning them as accessories might not be much of a leap at all. At least the super-slick iBangle concept from designer Gopinath Prasana bodes well for a future with wearable tech.

via The New York Times

Image via Gopinath Prasana