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Report: Mobile Payment Service Isis Adds Austin to Launch Markets

Isis, a mobile payment joint venture going head to head with Google Wallet, will reportedly be bringing its service to a second city sometime soon. Austin, Texas, will reportedly get the mobile payment treatment in the first half of 2012. Since the mobile commerce space is nascent and Isis does have big backers including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile, we're betting they'll make a formidable opponent for the search giant.

In April, Isis announced that Salt Lake City, Utah, would lead the group's charge to eventually offer its payment services nationwide, rolling out by 2012. Isis uses Near Field Communications (NFC) to allow customers to make purchases, redeem coupons, and access customer loyalty cards with the tap of their phone. Utah's program also includes the Utah Transit Authority, so passengers will be able to pay for train and bus rides with their phone. The group has not yet announced any banking network partnerships.

Last month Google unveiled its Google Wallet service with partners Sprint, Citigroup, and Mastercard. Google's payment technology will also use Near Field Communication (NFC) electronics to function in smartphone. There's no word yet on if Isis will rely on NFC, though its clear it operates in a similar way, or what banks will be behind it.

via Reuters