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Report: 64.1 Billion Mobile Game Downloads By 2017

More and more consumers are using their mobile devices as standalone gaming systems, and that trend is only expected to grow over time. A new report from Juniper Research projects that mobile game downloads will see a significant increase over the next four years, jumping to a whopping 64.1 billion downloads by 2017.

According to author Siân Rowlands, free-to-play or Freeium titles coupled with a proliferation of more powerful devices will usher in the growth. By 2017, the majority of game developers will be earning revenue with in-game purchases, with 93 percent of games following a freemium business model.  The casual games genre, which includes titles like "Angry Birds" and "Words With Friends," will continue to be the most popular.

As mobile becomes the main screen for gaming, other gaming devices such as Nintendo's 3DS will feel the pinch, cutting sales to 14 percent. The report also projects that tablet game downloads will double compared to smartphone downloads. Rowlands also believes that the Android-powered Ouya console will have consumer appeal for users that like gaming but don't have much time due to other commitments.

Via TechCrunch