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Pelican ProGear Backpacks Crush-Proof Your iPad

Although Pelican Products is traditionally known for its lighting systems and high-performance protective cases, today the company ventured into urban backpacks with the Pelican ProGear. The initial product line comes in four different styles and models and are made made from ballistic nylon for ultimate durability. 

Equipped with several pockets to securely transport e-readers, tablets and notebooks, the backpacks feature Pelican Products' signature crushproof case. Plus, each pack has additional pockets for accessories such as smartphones, headphones, water bottles, etc.

Designed to be lightweight for traveling outdoors or for long distances, the Urban Backpack line also features over-molded handles, padded lumbar storage areas and ventilated back panels. Tablet backpacks range from $109 to $259 and notebook backpacks range from $139 to $299.