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$99 Ouya Hits Shelves, Sold Out at Amazon and GameStop

The wait is finally over. After several delays, the Kickstarter funded Ouya game console is available for purchase in such big chain retail stores as Target and Best Buy. Priced at $99, the highly anticipated Android-powered system has already sold out on Amazon and GameStop. Oddly enough, some of the original Kickstarter backers have yet to receive their device. According to Engadget, Ouya CEO Julia Uhrman say that the company is "working overtime" to remedy the situation.

Ouya comes bundled with a Bluetooth controller, batteries and a HDMI cable in addition to the Nvidia Tegra 3-powered console itself. Additional controllers are priced at $49.95 for those interested in some multiplayer action. In terms of games, the company is boasting over 170 titles, including "Final Fantasy III," "Beast Boxing" and a number of entries from the "Sonic" series at launch. 

Gamers can expect even more titles, courtesy of the 17,000 registered game developers. Ouya provides gamers with a "try before you buy" option to prevent any buyers remorse, but the titles you purchase you get to keep. Current developers include Double Fine Productions, Sega and Square Enix. Hoping to extend its reach beyond the gaming arena, Ouya will also feature streaming services like, TuneIn and Plex.

via Engadget