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OCZ Reveals Pricing for its 1TB Colossus Solid State Drive

Your typical solid state drive doesn't get any bigger than 256GB, until now. OCZ, maker of fine SSDs such as the affordable and fast Vertex 2, announced pricing for its Colossus line of super-speedy flash storage lockers, one of which has a jaw-dropping memory capacity of 1TB.

According to the price details OCZ shared with Engadget, you'll pay handsomely for the 1024GB SSD; $2,200 to be precise. But that much space could hold one massive library of music, music, documents, and photos, all without the hassle of plugging in external hardware (Electronista says the 400GB drive can fit into a notebook's standard 3.5-inch drive bay). And don't get us started on the performance boost to your system thanks to the SSD's flashy read/write times. If 1TB and $2,200 dollars is overkill for you, there are three more options. The remainder of the OCZ Colossus line features 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB options for $300, $650, and $1,200 respectively.

OCZ tells Engadget that the new drives are "about three weeks" away from shipping. Counting down the days? So are we.

Via Engadget and Electronista