NUU MiniKey Adds a QWERTY Keyboard to Your iPhone 5

Are you an iPhone 5 owner who longs for the days of mechanical keyboards? Well, yearn no more. NUU has announced the MiniKey for iPhone 5, a $59 slide-out Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard that you can add to your iPhone 5 with a simple "snap."

The MiniKey for iPhone 5 features keyboard backlighting and a 42-button keypad, along with a thinner and lighter frame, on/off switch, ergonomic keys, quick-charging, Bluetooth 2.0 and more. We could see how a device like the MiniKey could have widespread appeal, from business types frantically mashing with clients to text-happy teens who can't gossip fast enough.

The NUU MiniKey for iPhone 5 is currently available from Amazon, and Noetic Inc.