New Lenovo Y Series, Other Unreleased Core i7 Notebooks Shown

After announcing the release of its new high-performance Core i7 processors for mobile, Intel Vice President Mooly Eden gave a presentation where he talked about the benefits of new CPU: faster performance overall, hyperthreading with 8 threads, and an amazing turbo mode that boosts CPU clockspeed based on heat, power consumption, and application needs. After the presentation was over, we were able to visit the stage where there was a table filled with new Core i7 notebooks, some of which have not yet been announced.We were not allowed to touch the notebooks, but we did grab photos.

We were particularly interested in the black and copper Lenovo IdeaPad with Core i7. Lenovo has not yet announced this product, but since it has the same design (though a different color) than the current Y series line, we can only assume it is the next-gen IdeaPad. We really like the new color scheme as it is much slicker than the current gen's white and copper theme. At the same time, we have to wonder whether Intel is going to put a high-performance processor like the Core i7 in its mainstream consumer line of notebooks. Could this be a gaming system or something for a more demanding consumer who has more money to spend? Lenovo had no official comment.

Meanwhile, on the same table, we saw the Dell Studio 15 with Core i7, an HP (could it be the Envy 15) with a snakeskin-like wrist rest, a system from Sager, a gaming notebook from MSI, the new Toshiba Qosmio X500, and an all-black notebook with no apparent brand name on it. Check out the photos below and let us know what you think.

Avram Piltch
Online Editorial Director
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