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New GPS Bracelet Can Save Your Life

GPS bracelets aren't a new thing. However, a GPS bracelet that could potentially save your life is. A new GPS bracelet developed by Swedish organization Civil Rights Defenders hopes to save activists in danger working in war zones or areas of conflict by making others aware of their distress.

Here's how it works: An activist can set an alarm manually if they're in danger, or an alarm is triggered automatically if the bracelet is removed by force. When an alarm goes off, a distress signal goes out to social sites such as Facebook. That way, people are aware that someone is in danger, and their last known location.

Civil Rights Defenders hopes this will put pressure on governments to work harder to find activists who have disappeared in conflict zones. The inspiration for the GPS bracelet is Natalia Estemirova, a human rights activists who was abducted in in 2009 in Chechnya and murdered. Her killers have never been found. Civil Rights Defenders' goal is to have 55 of them equipped with the bracelets by the end of the year.