First Batch of Acer Aspire One Netbooks Come With 8-hour Battery

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acer_battery_shSome of you those pre-ordered the new 10-inch Aspire One may be receiving a little extra bonus, courtesy of Acer. According to company representatives, the first batch of Aspire Ones—including review units—inadvertently shipped with a 5800-mAh (milliamp-hour) six-cell battery. Needless to say, we were very impressed when our system notched 7 hours and 57 minutes of runtime on our LAPTOP Battery Test (continuous Web surfing over Wi-Fi).
Turns out, the Aspire One was supposed to ship with a six-cell, 4400-mAh battery, which means it stores much less energy than the 5800-mAh battery (for a better explanation than I can give, go here). While Acer estimates that the 4400-mAh battery will get about 6 hours, our own data suggest that it may be anywhere from 4.5 hours to 5.5 hours. Other netbooks with 4400-mAh batteries, the MSI Wind U100 and Wind U120, got 5:13 and 4:28 hours, respectively, when we ran our battery test on them.
Considering that Acer won't be upping the price for the systems with the larger-capacity battery, those who can snag one of these Aspire One's with extra-long endurance will have something of a collector's item on their hands. Since there's no way to know (without breaking into Acer's inventory system) how many 5800 mAH batteries are out there, it's sort of a crap shoot as to whether you'll get one. For those that do, though, you'll be able to brag that you have the longest lasting netbook to date. How can you tell if you’re one of the lucky ones? Simply pop the battery off the back. If the label reads “5800 mAh,” you’re a winner! So act now! Supplies are limited! acer-battery-cu
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  • Adriana Hernandez Says:

    I just bought the acer aspire 4 days ago. The battery doest even last me 2 hrs!
    I'm very dissapointed!

  • Liza Rivera Says:

    Nothing to feel lucky about with the UM08B52 5800mAh battery. A little over a year and with no extended warranty, the battery is totally dead and won't even recharge. Now, I'm left with spending more money for a new battery. Wish my notebook came with other instead. Would last less on a full charge but probably will still be alive today. I am so disappointed with eMachines that I will never buy that brand again. Shame on them.

  • jean Says:

    Longer battery life need a good cells.Acer aspire one battery is a good choice.

  • Eve Says:

    I have the same question as Keith.
    Are these batteries that last for 8 hours or so the big heavier ones that have a part sticking out the bottom? Or are they the same size as the regular ones that fit right?

  • Keith Says:

    The 6 cell battery that comes with the Aspire One from Acer does it fit in proportion to the netbook or does it hang down below the bottom of the netbook like all the after market 6 and 9 cell batteries do.

  • Says:

    i buy one 9-cell acer aspire one battery,can last 8-12 hours.
    detail url:

  • Says:

    There are another battery for acer aspire one,and the Capacity is 5200 mAh

    Item Number : ELAC029KO1
    Chemistry : Li-ion
    Voltage : 11.10V
    Capacity : 5200 mAh
    Color : Black

  • J Khan Says:


    Visit ebay and get a 9 cell (7800mAH) battery for around $59. Search for Acer Aspire One Battery

  • Joe Says:

    Update....I have been on the phone with Acer for well over THREE hours total now over many different phone calls tracking and getting call backs from Acer higher level support reps trying to get one of these batteries. Each call ends with I have given the Acer part # > UM08B52 < = 6 cell 5800mAh battery and proven it is a battery that came/comes with the 10.1's the easy way asking each rep to type the part # in Google and read the results that each link shows it is a battery that came/comes with the 10.1 and is a USA law it should be available since it came/comes from Acer with it and demand it to be available asap and I will be getting a call back from Acer asap on it. If anyone else wants one..... best to call Acer asap and do the same to get Acer to motivated and it's more then just me that would like one. May help cut threw the Acer red tape if you talk to the last Acer rep I had a little progress with today. Call 1-800-395-3817 ask to rep Timothy W his Acer employee # is 802062. Acer so far is/has been saying it is not available or knew it was/is a battery that came with the 10.1's with the info they say they have from Acer.......and so far and are leaning from me it is true it is a battery that came/comes with the 10.1's and should be available. FYI I have another post on getting one on this website

    If that link doesn't work search for the post name " 5800-mAh Battery? (USA) "

  • Joe Says:

    Called Acer ....they are looking in to makieing these avalible. Asked me to call back next week. All info at Acer says it is not avalible and no info if or I put my foot down and said it should or needs to be since it was offerd as a OEM part which in USA the law says if it is a OEM part it shoulod be avalible for the considerd life of the unit (5-7 years). If anyone else wants one please call Acer and say so to make it look like I'm not the only one and get a Acer Case # to have it documneted and make a paper tail.

  • Joe Says:

    Ok....I'll can we get one of these 5800 batteries... if we are not...lucky enough to get one with our NetBooks? Better yet how to get one in USA at a fair price?

  • Brian Says:

    I got one of the1st ones in Canada, before it was on their website (They now have a FLASH animation on, but all product info is just the 8.9" unit)
    The battery life is amazing. I don't know exact times, but in 3 hours of use it still has roughly 60% charge.
    My battery is not 5800 mAHr ... and its not 4400 mAHr.

    I took it out, and its 5200 mAHr! Also rated 59WHr
    Battery model number is UM08B74, not the UM08B52 in the photo.

  • Ray Bernard Says:

    I took one 10.1 inch from <a href="" rel="nofollow">this shop</a> and it ha 4400-mah battery. I colleague of mine liked it and shop one for himself and it arrives with 5800-mah battery. I can't tell you how I'm feeling now :). But that's life, you never know.

  • Avram Says:

    I think Rick's point here is that if the user is one of the few who end up with the 5800 mAH battery, the mistake benefits them. The mistake = Acer meant to give everyone 4400 mAH batteries, but some systems were produced with 5800 mAH units instead.

  • redcard Says:

    Rick, how on earth does this benefit the consumer? They buy the laptop on the strength of a review, and they don't receive the same prodouct. Very gullible of you, kid.

  • Rick Says:

    This is incredible! It is not often that computer companies make mistakes that BENEFIT the consumer! HAHA

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