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Netflix Social Lets You Show Off Your Favorite Movies

Netflix is getting new social features, allowing users to see their friends' favorite shows and share their recently watched movies. The new feature is called Netflix Social and will be rolling out to members in the United States over the next few days. Netflix Social allows users to connect their Netflix account to Facebook, linking you with all of your Facebook friends and automatically populating your new social feeds.

There will be two lists shared through Netflix Social; the first is a feed of movies and TV shows a user has watched and the second is a list of movies that have been rated four or five stars. Fortunately, no one needs to know that you gave five stars to From Justin to Kelly, as users can choose to individually opt out of sharing by clicking a Don't Share This button in the player.

Cameron Johnson, director of Product Innovation at Netflix, stressed that Netflix Social is still an experiment with lots of improvements and new features on the road map. "Sharing movies and TV with friends online is still a new experience," said Johnson, in a blog post announcing Netflix Social. "We will continue to experiment and improve our social features over the coming months and years."

Fortunately, the new Netflix Social is an opt-in feature, meaning no one needs to know that your Netflix account is an embarrassing history of your guilty pleasures rather than an ode to your impeccable movie tastes. But if you're always recommending movies and TV shows to your friends, Netflix Social may be the best way to automate this process.