Naughty Skype Calls Keep Long Distance Relationships Alive

Long-distance relationships can get hard, but thankfully we have phones, text messages and -- most of all -- video chats. A survey of Skype users in America and the UK found that 96 percent of respondents in long-distance relationships say the Microsoft's video chatting program makes for a closer connection with their far-away partners. Nearly 30 percent of respondents also admitted having engaged in "naughty" calls over Skype.

The service has apparently saved many long-distance relationships, with 47 percent of those in such situations saying without the service the distance would have been too much. A fifth of respondents have had a date over Skype as well, bringing a whole new meaning to the term "online dating." We imagine this would involve getting dressed up, preparing a romantic meal and then turning on your computer to watch your significant other eat with you. 

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While this may sound ludicrous to some, 61 percent of respondents said that video calling makes them feel more connected even when they're apart, thus improving their romantic relationships. Users can take Skype on the go with mobile apps so they can chat anytime, or take these naughty calls or dates somewhere discreet.  This Valentine's day, we expect Skype users will be having a ball with their long-distance loves all over the world. 

Cherlynn Low
Staff Writer
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