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How to Use Mail VIPs and Inline Find in OS X Mountain Lion

Mail for Mountain Lion continues to make Apple’s ultra-simple email client more powerful. The most impressive new feature is VIPs, which will ensure that you never miss an important message from your boss, spouse, or anyone else who's really important.

Who's on your VIP list?

You can make your most important people VIPs in Mail. Click the star next to someone’s name to add someone to your preferred list of email contacts.

All the messages you receive from people whom you’ve made into VIPs will go into a special Smart Mailbox (the message will still be found in the Inbox). 

To remove someone from the VIP list, just click the star again. 

A really great feature that you can set up is to trigger notifications for only emails from those on your VIP list. To do that, go to Preferences in mail, then under General, choose from the New Message Notifications drop-down. 

Inline Find

Use the Inline Find feature to quickly locate a word or phrase in your email. Use Command-F, and start typing the search request. The message will dim, and occurrences of the text will be highlighted. This feature works the same as the one in Safari.

Mail fully supports Mountain Lion’s Notification Center, and will put up notices of new email in the upper right of your Mac’s display. Mail’s notification settings can be targeted to VIPs, messages from certain mailboxes, or when they come from an individual in Contacts.