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Mogees Turns Anything Into a Musical Instrument with Your Phone

Budding Beethovens, listen up. A new appcessory lets you turn any object around you into a musical instrument so you can strike up a tune wherever you go. Called Mogees, the device and companion app for Android and iOS devices is available for $65 (48), if you back the Kickstarter project. The final produce is expected to ship in August.  

Mogees includes a microphone accessory that looks like a squat,  thumb-sized snare drum and an app that turns the collected information into notes. Plug the Mogee in your phone and attach the microphone's sticky end on any thing you want turned into an instrument. The contact microphone analyzes the vibrations made from your interactions with surfaces and turns them into sounds. 

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In a video on the Kickstarter page for the project, creator Bruno Zamborlin, tapping on a bowl of fruit with Mogees attached, played snippets of melodies note-for-note after guitarist Rodrigo Sanchez strums them. Each tap creates an individual note. And different types of interactions, such as taps, swipes or even a breakdancer's spinning head, creates new sounds. The companion app also lets you preload the MIDI file of a song, and then you can manipulate the tempo of the notes by touching and tapping your selected surface. 

Mogees is available in a variety of colors, including green, red and black. The campaign has already successfully met its £50,000 ($83,505) funding goal with 13 days remaining.