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More Than 75 Percent Can Wait 10 Seconds for Mobile Web Loads

The stigma of an instant gratification-obsessed America might not necessarily hold up in one regard: Web surfing on the go. According to a study commissioned by SOASTA, a mobile website and app testing company, a whopping 76 percent of Americans are willing wait up to 10 seconds for a Web page or app to load on their computer, tablet or smartphone. 

A second survey commissioned by SOASTA polled more than 400 software and app developers with similar questions, to which 25 percent of them said that even one second of load time was unacceptable. More than one-third of app makers, 36 percent, said they're willing to wait one second, and 29 percent of developers would find two seconds acceptable. At least it's good to know that developers hold themselves to such high standards.

In addition to revealing that Americans are (relatively) patient for one thing in their lives, the survey found that -- surprisingly -- men were more likely than women to wait for a page or mobile app to load. More than half of men questioned, 58 percent, were willing to wait five seconds or less, compared to 49 percent of women. Keep in mind that this is one answer to one question. The survey questioned 2,046 Americans 18 years of age or older.

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The bottom line, we expect a lot from our mobile devices and the apps and websites that are created for them. And while our expectations aren't nearly as intense as developers (this is a good thing), a website or app that loads poorly can mean bad news for the brand behind it. The survey found that 88 percent of Americans associate negative feelings with poorly performing mobile websites and apps, and of that 88 percent, 28 percent said they would visit a competitor's website. For the record, loads in 4.5 seconds on an AT&T iPhone 5 over LTE.