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Study: Mobile Devices Bring Out the Kid in Adults

No matter how old you are in real life, you're just a kid in social media years. According to a new global research study, "The Truth About Connected You," the average person has only been a mobile user for 12 years. And like tweens becoming teens, we're all about taking risks and establishing our online identities.

Similar to high school, there are also certain mobile cliques to navigate. For example, 55 percent of the McCann Truth Central study participants copped to judging people by their devices with another 40 percent judging people by their network carrier. When we're not busy gadget-shaming, we're trying to walk the tightrope of mobile etiquette and being a good online citizen.

According to the report, people are committing a number of digital sins such as purposely ignoring calls, using devices in the bathroom and downloading content illegally. One in 10 people studied have received a sext, while 2 in 10 people use inappropriate language in text messages.

Not surprisingly, our online personas are usually very different than our actual personalities. So a person that's normally reserved offline can express their more outgoing self online. Fifty percent of participants were more likely to be more extroverted online. The study also identified a number of distinct mobile personalities such as the Mobile Maitre-D, Data Diva, Wireless Warrior, iChatty and Linked-Out Loyalist.

Despite all the sexting, cursing and trips to the toilet, many adult mobile users have an idealistic streak, hoping that mobile can one day save the world. Almost 40 percent of people think future mobile developments will help fight crime on a global level, 21 percent think it will help alleviate economic crises and 16 percent think mobile devices will help with pandemic flu outbreaks.