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Majority Think Motorists Should Lose Licenses If Caught Texting and Driving

A new national survey by Poll Position shows that the majority of Americans believe motorists caught texting while driving should their licenses. Conducted early this week, the national telephone survey revealed that 50 percent of Americans think drivers should lose their license if caught texting and driving.

Another 38 percent of participants said that they shouldn't lose their license. However, 12 percent said they had no opinion on the subject.

Respondents' answers differed greatly across age groups and sex, with 52 percent of Americans between 18-29 years old saying that drivers should not lose their license if caught texting while driving. Just 38 percent of respondents in that group thought drivers should lose their license, while 10 percent had no opinion either way. Approximately 67 percent of motorists over 65 said drivers caught texting should lose their license, while just 17 percent said they shouldn't. The remaining 9 percent offered no response.

Feelings on the topic also varied widely depending on the respondent's gender. The majority of women, 53 percent, said they believed drivers caught texting should lose their license. Only 44 percent of men thought driving while texting was reason for a motorist to lose their license.

The survey results come at a time when the federal government is taking a sharp look at the issue of motorists using their phones while driving. In December, the National Transportation Safety Board announced a proposal seeking a federal ban on the use of personal electronic devices while driving. The agency's proposal followed an investigation into an August 2010 motor vehicle accident involving two loaded school buses that results in the deaths of two people and 38 others suffering various injuries.

via Poll Position