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Leap Motion Preorder Ship Date Delayed Until July 22

Leap Motion has announced that preorder shipments for its motion-sensitive controller will be pushed back to July 22. The device was originally slated to ship out on May 13, but the company has decided to conduct additional beta testing.

“There’s nothing catastrophically wrong—we’re very proud of the product,” Michael Buckwald, CEO of Leap Motion, said on Thursday. “Ultimately we think that if we really forced ourselves we might have been able to ship by the original date, but it wouldn’t have allowed the preparation we want.”

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The extra testing will focus on improving the device’s software and its user interface experience, according to Buckwald. The new round of beta testing is set to begin in June and will involve improving how users interact with the operating system and the types of gestures that are assigned to specific tasks.

Buckwald says there are no hardware-related issues, so any units that have been preordered or shipped to developers will not need to be replaced or repaired.

“People often think of [Leap Motion] as predominantly a hardware product,” he said. “Obviously there is hardware and we’re very proud of the hardware, but the most complexity is in the software. As a company, we couldn’t sacrifice the testing period.”

To expand the beta testing group, Leap Motion will enlist a mix of developers, preorder customers and friends or family members of Leap Motion employees. “Our goal is to have as much diversity as possible,” Buckwald said.

The delayed ship date will not affect any deals with partners such as HP, Best Buy or Asus. “It would be tempting to use the hardware as an excuse, but at this point its all on us,” the Leap Motion CEO said.

Commercial availability for the Leap Motion will roll out shortly after the preorder units ship in July 22, but the company has not announced an official date.