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HP to Incorporate Leap Motion Gesture Controls

Leap Motion hasn’t launched its first product yet, but its new partnership with a PC industry veteran should change that. The motion-control technology company will be pairing up with HP to bundle its gesture-enabled software into select devices.

There’s no word as to which devices will get this technology or when it will roll out, but the selected products will come preloaded with Leap Motion’s app store, Airspace TM.

“Our focus at Leap Motion is to fundamentally improve how people interact with their devices, and offer as many ways as possible to achieve that vision,” Leap Motion co-founder and CEO Michael Buckwald said in a statement.

Leap Motion will be launching its first flagship 3D controller, which utilizes touch-free controls similar to Microsoft’s Kinect, on May 13. Unlike the Kinect, Leap Motion’s device is aimed at laptops and desktops rather than gaming consoles. Today’s announcement, however, reveals that Leap Motion’s future products won’t be restricted to PC peripherals, and may be appearing in mainstream PCs sometime soon.