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Kisai Console LED Watch Gets $109 Wooden Redesign

Smartwatches are becoming ubiquitous, but they're not the only means of showing stylish tech on your wrist. Tokyoflash's futuristic LED Kisai Console watch is one fancy alternative, and the Japanese manufacturer has launched a wood-finished version of the accessory starting at $109.

Originally released in 2011, the Kisai Console watch packs three screens filled with bright green LED lights. The top display features the numbers 1-12 in a honeycomb design to mark the current hour. The bottom display lights up to show 5 minute intervals from 5 to 55, while the four lights on the left display are used to mark the minutes in between those intervals.

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As an example of how the Kisai works, the time 10:32 would be indicated by the number 10 at the top, the 30 minute marker at the bottom, and two minute markers on the left. The watch charges via USB and has a minimum wrist size of 100 millimeters and a maxiumum wrist size of 210 millimeters. 

The new version of the Kisai Console packs the same functionality as its predecessor, replacing the original's black stainless steel strap with a wooden one. The wooden Kisai is available in dark brown with the option for blue or green LEDs, as well as red with green LEDs. Tokyo flash is selling the watch for $109 until Nov. 14, when it will go up to its standard price of $159.