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Visioneer Acuity Technology to Make Scanners Smarter

If you've spent a day in a 9-5 job, you probably know that the most formidable of all office enemies is not the horrible boss, suffocating cubicle, or casual Friday, but rather a mid-sized, plastic white piece of technology that's actually designed to help: the printer/scanner. But with advanced imaging technology developed by Visioneer, office employees may actually find themselves bonding with their scanners instead of beating them.

New visual detection methods employed by Visioneer's Acuity enhancement tools will make the scanning process a lot easier by boosting the intelligence of machines, the company announced today. The implementation of these new "sophisticated algorithms" will enhance what is captured by the scanner and improve the quality of the saved images, all while retaining a range of adjustment options for different types of documents.

Acuity can detect the color and size of pages, remove blanks, rotate images based on content, and de-speckle, all of which will also make it easier to convert scanned images to text docs, the release said. 

“Take a random stack of pages from your desk," said Jon Harju, CTO at Visioneer, in the announcement. Unless they came directly from a laser printer, they probably have a few marks on them, highlighted notes, stamps, wrinkles or smudges, and even a page or two upside down. Turn on all the automatic settings and Acuity adjusts every image while scanning to a crisp and clear result.”

So that's pretty convenient. Acuity will hit the Visioneer and Xerox DocuMate production lines going forward, and the first machines using the technology will begin appearing this quarter. Users can download Visioneer Acuity from the Visioneer website, the company said.