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Jolla's First Sailfish Smartphone to Debut in May

Spring is in the air which means its time for a new crop of smartphones and maybe a new OS or two. Jolla, a company of Nokia ex-pats has announced that it will be unveiling its debut phone sometime next month. The new handset will be running on a Sailfish OS, a Linux-based operating system built upon the remains of Meego that Nokia dropped in favor of Windows Phone 8.

The user interface looks a little like a mix of Android and Windows Phone. The company has mysteriously not shown off any hardware yet, relying on the uniqueness of the operating system to generate buzz. 

According to TechCrunch, Jolla will be launching a "pre-sales" campaign in mid-May. The campaign will have borrow a few pages from Kickstarter's playbook, allowing early adopters to reserve a unit. People who pre-order a unit during the campaign will be among the first on the block to snag the new device along with some unnamed special goodies.

Jolla chairman Antti Saarnio, stated that the campaign will feature three pricing tiers in an effort to cut down on pricing thresholds. Consumers that pay more up front will received a more "tailored" device. There is no word yet on whether Jolla will come on any U.S. carrier network or if it will be available to U.S. consumers. 

Via TechCrunch