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iTwin Connect Secures Your Connection, Even Over Public Wi-Fi

At an airport and need to get some work done before your flight, but you're worried about nearby passengers being able to access your online history? Rest easy. iTwin today announced its iTwin Connect, which offers protected and unrestricted access to Internet services, no matter what public Wi-Fi network you're on.

In addition to alleviating consumers' worry about their online privacy when traveling, they will no longer have to concern themselves with which online services are permitted in specific places. iTwin Connect gives users this safe, unrestricted access to home and corporate networks as well.

How does it work? The Connect's Teleport Me function directs online traffic through a private VPN tunnel, then the user can access the public Web from their home or office's Internet connection. Users just need to plug the Connect into their PC, then detach half of the device (the "key") and carry that with them. When they're out in public and need to access the Internet, they can plug the key into their notebook and the secure VPN tunnel immediately links the laptop to their PC.

iTwin makes privacy a priority with its military grade security, which uses hardware as well as two-factor authentication to ensure no one can gain access to your information. The iTwin Connect is retailing now for $129.