Is Linux Coming To The Eee PC 1008HA?

Liliputing's Brad Linder came across something interesting on the ASUS support site this weekend. On the software download page for the Eee PC 1008HA there are three choices: DOS, WinXP and Linux. Yep, Linux.

Amongst the downloads you'll find Linux source codes, but we're not sure yet which distro or distros of the OS they are. Brad suspects Moblin and invites intrepid Linux devotees to download and compile the code to check it out.

Could it be that the Eee PC is returning to its roots and ASUS will start releasing systems with Linux installed once more? Though there have been complaints about higher return rates for netbooks that come with Linux, there's been a lot of development over the past two years to make distros more user-friendly. Plus, we're coming up on the Eee PC anniversary -- maybe celebrations will include the unveiling of the 1008HA running something other than a Windows OS?

Time will tell. But hey, as long as we're being retro: how about a return to netbooks with SSDs instead of traditional hard drives?