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Apple's iOS 8 Enables Family Sharing of Content

Apple wants to bring the family together, and it's doing it with the release of its iOS 8 update. Announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference, the new mobile OS will include a new family sharing service that connects multiple Apple accounts together. That means up to six accounts will be able to share app purchases and content downloads using just one credit card. This could potentially save families a lot of money by eliminating redundant purchases of music and movies. 

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Parents will also have even greater control of their children's apps. Apple will ask the parent's permission when children try to download a new app or make an in-app purchase. This feature will help prevent massive bills due to children making unapproved purchases.

Apple plans to replace the age-old refrigerator as a place where a family's notes are shared. With iOS 8 parents and children will have a digital repository for reminders, calendars and photos that are always synced between connected devices. Parents will also be able to search for lost devices or wayward kids using maps. 

iOS 8 can be previewed now for beta developers and will be available to the public this fall. Other features introduced in the new version of Apple's mobile OS includes a Health app for tracking your personal stats, a HomeKit for integrating with your smart appliances, support for third-party keyboards and much more.