Intel's Continuum of Personal Computing Experience Demonstrated

The Intel Developer Forum officially kicked off today, with Paul Otellini delivering the first of three keynotes. He spoke about how Intel envisions a complete continuum of interconnected devices later this year, allowing for instant sharing and notifications between smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Users will be able to instantly share a photo from their phone with their home PC or display it on their Wireless Display-connected TV with Intel's Pair & Share technology. According to Intel, this technology will allow users to securely pair supported devices—such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones—to share photos and videos no matter where the devices are located. You'll see a demonstration of it in the video below and so far it looks quick and impressive.

The other part of the company's continuum computing experience involves the Intel Teleport Extender, which lets users receive notifications on their computers from their smartphone or tablet. While SMS and call notifications could be helpful when your smartphone is in the other room, the keynote did not address whether you would be able to reply via the desktop interface. 

Acer, Lenovo, and Toshiba systems shipping this holiday season will be the first to receive these new capabilities, but in the meantime, check out the demonstration from the keynote below.

LAPTOP Web Producer/Writer