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Meet the Inhon Blade 13 Carbon, World's Lightest, Thinnest Notebook

Just when you think a notebook can't get any slimmer or lighter, here comes the Inhon Blade 13 Carbon notebook. According to Engadget, this Taiwanese laptop weighs in at a barely there 1.9 pounds with a waifish 0.39-inch profile. This deposes last year's champ, the NEC LaVie Z  The latest MacBook Air is 0.68 inch thick and weighs 3 pounds.

Inhon didn't skimp on the specs configurations. Consumers can choose between an Intel Core i7 or Core i5 processor,  a 1080p display (1600 x 900-pixels), and 128GB or 256GB SSD with 4GB of RAM. However tech this slim never comes cheap. People interested in purchasing this super ultraportable should expect to pay $1,350. A lower specced configuration will set you back about a grand.

The Blade 13 Carbon notebook lands in Taiwan sometime in June. However there's no word that the laptop will be making a stateside debut.

Via Engadget