How to Make Skype Calls on the HP TouchPad

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The HP TouchPad may be a defunct product, but it still offers video conferencing via Skype that's good enough to call your friends on other devices.

Make and Receive Skype Calls on the HP TouchPad

  1. Launch Phone & Video callsfrom the App menu.


  2. Tap the Skype buttonto set up your Skype account.


  3. Tap the Sign In buttonif you already have a Skype account or the Create account button if you do not. Fill out the form will your username and password.

     Signin to Your Skype Account

  4. Tap the Sign In button and then Create Account. Your account should now be listed on the phone accounts screen.
  5. Tap the Go button to login. A Skype screen appears. You can now receive calls from Skype buddies.
  6. Search for a buddy's name and then tap the result to conduct a call.

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  • Andrew Says:

    Very disappointed with the way Skype was integrated into WebOS. To answer a couple of questions above, as far was I can tell, you cannot log out of skype via the calling app and must enter the messaging app to sign out (or change status to busy, but that's it, you're either online, busy, or offline, no other options, such as invisible). I believe you can also add a new skype contact via the messaging app as well, but not through the calling app.
    Really, the separation of the calling and messaging features of skype make this much more convoluted than it needs to be. They would have been better off just making a Skype app instead of trying to integrate it.

  • Jan FItton Says:

    why can I not get Skype video calling on my touchpad when I already have an account with Skype on my home computer as I have just purchased this touch pad I find that it has been discontinued does this mean that I won't be able to get Skype ??????

  • Ottawa 3L Says:

    Is it just me, or can you not add a new skype contact via the touchpad skype interface, just pre-existing ones already in your account?

  • cvollmer Says:

    How do I get the microphone to work when using Skype on my HP Toughpad.

  • Anne Says:

    How to sign out from skype once logged in?

  • Ak Says:

    its bloody laggy.. bloody bloody laggy when u add contacts from ur exchange, gmail linkedin

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