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How to Send Downloadable Software As a Gift With Giftwhip

Whether it's a copy of Photoshop Elements for the amateur photographer on your list or a greeting card application for your mom, software makes a great gift. Unfortunately, from Adobe to Corel, there's a dearth of software providers that offer a convenient gifting option for their products as simply forwarding your friend the download instructions via email is so impersonal.

Enter Giftwhip, a service that lets you send download links and codes to your loved ones in a simple attractive eCard. You can even set an open date on which your friends can unwrap their digital gifts. Here's how to use Giftwhip to send digital downloads. 

 1. Sign up for a Giftwhip account at 

After filling in your email address and choosing a password, you 'll be taken immediately to your Giftwhip inbox where any items you've received will be displayed.

2. Hit the Plus symbol on the left to create a Giftwhip.

There are two ways to send your Giftwhip. Use the alias email created for you to purchase your gift on the software retailer's site, or copy and paste the download email, link or code into the field in Giftwhip. 

3. Go to the software retailer's site and add the program to your cart. For this guide, we will use Photoshop Elements 12 from  You can also use Giftwhip on sites such as's digital downloads section or Newegg's downloadable software area. 

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4. Hit Review And Checkout in the dropdown menu under My Cart.

5. Click Checkout at the bottom of your purchase summary.

6. Enter your Giftwhip alias to create an account. You can find your Giftwhip alias in Step 2 above. 

If you already have an account with the retailer and don't want to go through the hassle of setting up another profile, you can still sign in with your own credentials. You can just paste the contents of the email you get with download instructions into Giftwhip later. 

7. Fill in your billing information

8. Hit Review Order at the bottom.

9. Verify your details, then hit Place Order to finalize your purchase.

10. Go to your Giftwhip account and click the Unsent Giftwhips button.

11. Open the unsent gift from your retailer that shows up. 

12. Complete the form with your recipient's name and email address, your name and message. Customize your gift by selecting one of 21 available wrappers and 10 ribbons.

13. Set an Open Date. You won't be able to type a date and time in accurately, so use the calendar and clock icon at the end of the field.

14. Hit Send and you're done.

You will receive an email informing you that your Giftwhip has been sent. Your friend won't be able to open the present until the scheduled time, but they will receive an email and get to look at the pretty wrapper you've selected. Happy Holidays!