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Hands-on With 'Super Mario 3D World': The Plumbers Are Back

After Sony and Microsoft made waves at E3 2013, Nintendo's Wii U appeared to be on the ropes. But if there's one thing that can save the console, it's the company's incredible line-up of first-party titles, and that's exactly what Nintendo showed off at its enormous booth here at E3. While the company announced a slew of new titles including "Pikmin 3" and "Mario Kart 8," the coolest of the company's new titles was its "Super Mario 3D World," and we got the chance to go hands-on with it to see what it has to offer.

The two biggest additions to "Super Mario 3D World" are the new cat suit and clear tubes. The cat suit, as its name implies, is a suit that not only gives Mario and his cohorts the look of a cat, but the abilities as well. Players can climb walls, slash enemies and perform spin attacks. The clear tubes function differently than normal green tubes, as they require players to time their entry properly, less they flow in the wrong direction and hit an obstacle that can damage them.

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At its core, "Super Mario 3D World" is a four player game that lets you pick from Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad. Each character has their own special attributes separating them. Mario is the best all around character, while Luigi can jump higher than anyone. Princess Peach can jump the longest distance and Toad is the fastest runner around. Choosing a specific character will greatly change the way you play the game. 

Nintendo has also added a new rideable sea monster to "Super Mario 3D World." The creature, which looks like a cross between Yoshi and an orange Loch Ness Monster, helps you traverse the game's water racing levels. 

We're excited to see what Nintendo has up its sleeves for the final version of the game, though chances are it'll be just as satisfying as the many classic Nintendo titles out there. Check out our walk through of the game in the video above.