Hands On: eBags Perspective Laptop Mobile Office Gets Rolling

From mobile professionals to students with a heavy load, the eBags' Perspective Laptop Mobile Office is a hefty, sturdy bag for anyone constantly on the move, and carrying lots of gear. With its water-resistant, nylon exterior, it looks more like the JanSport backpack we sported to school than a rolling laptop and overnight bag. The bag does not have straps to carry it on your back, but inside, it has all the nooks and crannies to keep your personal and laptop accessories well organized.

The expandable bag is sectioned into three parts with gray-colored lining inside. The front compartment is partitioned with zippered pockets and slots for power cords, pens, and business cards. The next section contains a removable, padded laptop sleeve that can be easily fastened in place with a seat belt style buckle. The laptop compartment stretches to accommodate up to a 15-inch Mac Book Pro; at least that was the biggest system we could cram in there safely. One downside is that the padded laptop sleeve is open on one side, so the notebook could bounce around a bit inside the larger bag. This main compartment also has two sections to keep files and papers neat and tidy.

The widest  section of the bag offers enough space to fit in a pair of clothes, change of shoes, toiletries for overnight, files and folders, and anything else you might need on a quick trip. The Perspective Laptop Mobile Office also has another zippered section and two elastic pockets to fit smaller things like travel-sized toiletries.

This bag is not waterproof ; even though the bag is nylon and will repel water and  keep contents dry in a short downpour, if made wet enough the water would eventually soak through.

The bag is perfect for travel and meets all major airlines' overhead bin specifications (bag size: 16 x 13 x 9 inches;  overhead bin size: 22 x 14 x 9 inches). Its compact size and vertical frame make it easier to maneuver down narrow airplane aisles.  Sometimes, the unusually long, 2-foot trolley handle got stuck while pulling in and out, but otherwise wheeled smoothly. Fitted with inline skate wheels, the bag is surprisingly quiet when wheeled on hard floor surfaces.  Travelers who often encounter puddles along the road can be at ease knowing their belongings are safe because of  the wide durable plastic patch  stitched across the bottom to provide supplemental protection.

The empty bag weighs approximately 7 pounds and 4 ounces, and is available in black, red, and sapphire blue exterior colors. The retail price is $119, and the bag comes with a lifetime warranty.  According to eBags.com, the bag is ranked as the No. 4 best selling product among almost 200 laptop bags sold on their website.