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Gradient X Helps Improve Mobile Ads With Targeted Bidding System

When most people think of mobile display ads, they think of intrusive and irrelevant banners cluttering their favorite apps. But as more and more users are moving from desktop to mobile, advertisers are closely eyeing smartphones and tablets for new opportunities. And this is a good thing for consumers, because it means an increase in relevant and well-placed advertisements. Both consumers and companies both benefit from ads that actually benefit the user, and Gradient X is helping bring mobile advertising up to speed.

The company helps advertisers target users using advanced parameters and an ad auction platform where companies bid on ad placements based on key demographics. This is the first time this type of ad-targeting and bidding is available for mobile, and gives advertisers the same control as web-based advertising. Many popular apps in the iOS and Android app store rely on ad revenue to remain free to users. An increase in quality advertisement could also bring an influx of high quality free applications.

Mobile advertisement, however, is still in its infancy and everyone is scrambling to figure out the mobile monetization landscape that will support apps in the future. Many advertisers are still wary of investing money in mobile, citing low returns on investment and click through rates. Brian Baumgart, founder and CEO of Gradient X, isn't concerned.

"Some studies show that mobile has low click-through rates, but many of these are put out by companies who want to keep advertising dollars in their currently platform," said Baumgart. "We're seeing great performance and advertisers are happy with their results with [Gradient X]."