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Give Me Tech Podcast: Rip-offs and Shield Tablet Hype

We've officially made our first voyage into podcast land with Give Me Tech!, a new series focusing on the best, worst and strangest stuff that the world of consumer tech has to offer.

Kicking off our inaugural episode is a discussion about 16GB smartphones, and how they might be the biggest rip-offs in tech. It only costs manufacturers a handful of extra bucks to go from 16GB to 32GB, but you have to pony up an extra $100. Our editor-in-chief Mark Spoonauer already spoke out about the subject in his in-depth column, and now you can hear him deliver the rant it deserves.

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We also touch on Nvidia's new Shield Tablet, which brings a high-fidelity gaming experience to an 8-inch slate. Is this the ultimate tablet for gamers, or does the extra cost of essential accessories weigh it down? Senior writer and resident gaming expert Sherri L. Smith has the verdict.

You can listen to Give Me Tech! in the media player above, or stream and download it on SoundCloud.

Give Me Tech! Episode 101 Cast:

Sherri Smith (@misssmith11)

Mark Spoonauer (@mspoonauer)

Michael Andronico (@MikeAndronico)

Edited by Alex Cranz