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Findables Snap Case Connects You Socially with a QR Code

Imagine being at a network event and, instead of having to take someone's business card, connecting with them via LinkedIn on the spot. That's one of the abilities users have with the Findables Snap Case for iPhone 5, a one-piece case that exists to do more than just protect your Apple device.

Each Snap Case has a unique QR code that connects with a free Android or iOS app and is linked to your accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Users can choose which networks they wish to connect to and how much information to share. Then, whenever you meet a person and want to connect with them via social networks, they can simply scan your Snap Case's QR code with their device and will have access to that contact info. The case also has a Lost mode, which helps to locate a lost phone even after its battery is dead.

It seems pretty handy for networking functions, but just be careful not to let every person you meet out at the bar on Friday night scan your Snap Case's QR code, unless you want an abundance of creepy Facebook friends.

The Snap Case has a minimalist design with access to all ports and buttons, with a polycarbonate hard shell and a soft-touch finish. It's available in seven two-toned colors from Office Depot, Amazon,,, and