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Fan TV Entertainment System Combines Live TV and Streaming

You might remember the name Fanhattan from 2011, when it debuted an iOS app that located streaming video. The Silicon Valley startup's app was well received, and even went on to create a Web service. Now Fanhattan is releasing  hardware of its own called Fan TV.

Fanhattan cofounder and CEO Gilles BianRosa today unveiled Fan TV at D11. Fan TV is an Yves-Behar-designed entertainment system that includes live and on-demand TV, streaming services and a cloud DVR, so all of your entertainment needs are stashed in one glorious device. Users control their device from a touchpad remote, using swipe and tap.

Fan TV's interface will appeal to organized folk, as it sorts your selections either by movie genre, type of show and actor, just to mention a few sorting methods. Although the iOS app syncs with Amazon, NBC, Netflix and 26 other services and a promo video links Fan TV to Hulu Plus and Redbox, no specific details on partnerships have been announced.

The coolest part about Fan TV, though, isn't the ability to watch streaming TV or live TV, it's the additional features. For example, you can listen to movie soundtracks using a music streaming service, or purchase movie/TV show merchandise.

Details such as Fan TV pricing is still unknown, and a ship date beyond "later this year" has yet to be pinpointed. What the company is most likely waiting on is the green light on cable providers partnering to provide live TV. Sony, Comcast, Time Warner and Apple are currently building IPTV offerings, but the majority of American homes don't have Internet-connected TV.