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FAA Panel Declares Wi-Fi Use Safe During Takeoff And Landing

Good news for people suffering from Facebook separation anxiety. According to the New York Times, an advisory committee submitted a report to the Federal Aviation Administration on Monday, saying that Wi-Fi use will not affect most aircraft regardless of the altitude of the plane. 

The committee cautioned that cellular data connections should still be off-limits, and passengers should still refrain from texting or surfing the web until the plane's Wi-Fi network has been turned on. Still, the ability to leave your devices on during takeoff and landing means some relief for Facebook addicts or business travelers dealing with urgent transactions. 

With more and more airlines providing Wi-Fi networks in their aircraft, this recommendation is a welcome move and may ease some frustrated travelers who are tired of following seemingly meaningless rules handed down from decades ago. While the FAA has yet to approve the recommendations, a spokesperson for the agency said it will review the report and determine its next steps. The new rules may start next year if airlines are able to certify their planes in time, the Times reports.

via The New York Times