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EveryThink iPhone App Redefines Organization

Planners are a thing of the past. Now is the time of mobile apps that attempt to organize your life for you. Since you already take your smartphone with you everywhere, that shouldn't be a problem, right? However, most of these apps only organize a part of your life. EveryThink, a new $9.99 app for iPhone, aims to organize all aspects of your life in one app.

Your Calendar app tells you what appointment you have at 11 a.m., but in order to call your colleague who's also attending the meeting, you have to exit out of the Calendar app and enter your Contacts. You forget where the meeting is, and to look it up you must also exit out of the Calendar app and enter Google Maps. Because of this switch from a human-centric to a tech-centric organizational method, according to EveryThink CEO Yair Grinberg, the separation of apps makes it difficult for us to group all the info we need together to stay organized.

Upon first downloading EveryThink, the app asks your permission to access your Calendar, location, Photos and Reminders.That way, it can pull all your organizational info into one place. Once that's done, you're taken to the main interface, which shows your Calendar, Notes, Attachments, Web, Map and Contacts. Within the Calendar, there are endless tabs on the left, where you can make different calendars or projects, such as Work, Home, Trip to Paris, Kids' Schedule, etc. EveryThink automatically makes a number of tabs for you, but you can rename, re-color or edit those at any time. Plus, you can add more calendars using the + sign at the bottom of the Calendar interface.

What's truly unique about EveryThink is its drag-and-drop functionality, coined coined DHD (drag, hover, drop). The technology currently has a patent pending, and it allows users to long-press on anything and drop it anywhere.

For example, if you'd like to pull a spreadsheet from your Google Drive and add it to your meeting tomorrow in the Calendar function, simply long-press on the spreadsheet file, then drag it to the meeting space in the Calendar and drop it there. Or, say you'd like to add several of your business contacts to a meeting on your Calendar, so you can contact them quickly. Just tap the circle next to their name so it turns green, then long-press on any one of the names and drag it into whatever appointment you like.

Despite our huge list of contacts, EveryThink loaded them all in a very short period of time. However, although contacts were alphabetized by letter, within those letters they were not alphabetized. For example, Douglas came before Danielle.

For the compulsive organizer like ourselves, we could definitely find some use for EveryThink, despite its $9.99 price tag. Although the app is currently only for iPhone, iPad and Web apps are coming soon, and there are plans to upgrade functionality, such as incorporating Dropbox into the mix.