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Eton Corporation Debuts Rukus Bluetooth Solar-Powered Speaker

What's green and loud and heard all over? That would be Eton Corporation's new portable Bluetooth speaker, Rukus. Powered by an enhanced monocrystal solar panel, the speaker can wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth-capable device. The built in handle makes transporting the Rukus simple and the unique design makes it a viable option for indoor and outdoor use. The Rukus can also charge most mobile devices, all while delivering deep lows and rich highs courtesy of  the two full-range speaker drivers.

Eton, maker of high performance green consumer products, has embedded 40 square-inch solar panel in the speaker. After six hours in direct sunlight, the Rukus can fully recharge the internal Lithium-ion battery. To conserve energy, Eton has outfitted the Rukus with an E Ink Surf segmented display which allows users to check out the display without draining the battery like typical LCD displays.  The display is also readable in direct sunlight and Eton claims is "virtually indestructible."

After making its debut on the CES 2012 floor, the Eton Corporation Rukus will be available sometime in Q2 retailing for $149.95.